Part Time Jobs For Teens – 3 Easy Steps to Getting Hired Even in This Recession

Part Time Jobs for Teens will be easy to win if you follow these tips that very few other teens know about. If you try these suggestions they will help separate you from all the other teens applying for the same job and you will get hired for that part time job.

Because there are fewer companies hiring today and more teens than ever that wanting jobs, you have to do everything you can to stand out as the best person for the job–the most ambitious, most qualified and most reliable.

Here is what everyone else is doing–most teens will only fill out an application and hope they get a call back. That is not the way to find a job today.

Here’s what you do:

Step One–Preparation

Make a list all the companies you would like to work for-use the Internet, the phone book or your own knowledge of companies in your area.

Put together a resume. Have an adult to help you or look up samples on the Internet. Even if you have never worked before you can put on it what you have done in school.

Now you should put together a cover letter. This cover letter need not be complicated. Address it to the hiring manager. Say in it that you are very interested in coming to work for their company. Explain in the letter that you possess qualities that would make you a valuable employee. Tell them that you are ambitious, a fast learner, reliable (you show up on time) and courteous. (These are qualities that are always in demand for teen workers. Only mention these if they do actually describe you.)

At every job you apply for you must submit your resume and a cover letter along with the company application. Everyone else is just going to submit the same company application-you want to stand out.

Put on clean clothes, comb your hair, brush your teeth, keep the jewelry to a minimum and no perfume or cologne. Now you are ready to visit the places you have targeted.

Step Two–Visiting the Companies

Visit each company you are interested in and ask to speak to the hiring manager. DO NOT go up to the first employee you see and ask if they are hiring or if you can fill out an application. That’s what everybody else will do. These employees do not make hiring decisions. You want to speak to the manager. If they are not in or not available, get their name and ask when they would be available.

When you do get to see a manager extend your hand and offer a firm handshake. DO NOT ASK if they are hiring or if you can have an application. That’s what everyone else will do. Those questions make it too easy for them to say no and you are done. Say this: “Hi my name is ____ and I would like to fill out an application for employment.”

If they say they are not hiring, be ready for this and say: “No problem, I thought that might be the case. However I do know that you have openings once in a while and when that time comes I would like to have the chance to interview for the job. I feel I would make a great employee and really want to work here. I am reliable and a fast learner.”

Ask: “Can I fill out an application today and leave with you my qualifications?” They will more than likely say yes. After filling out the application ask for a stapler so you can attach your resume and cover letter to it.

Before you leave ask: “When can I check back with you, to see if you have an opening I can interview for?”

When managers have openings they go to the stack of applications on their desk. All the applications will look the same, except yours. Yours will stand out from all the rest, because you have attached a cover letter and resume. You will be in the most favorable position to get a call for an interview.

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